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Wolstenholme family from USA / Singapore wrote at January 9, 2011:
As a family with university aged children and professional careers, we do not get to be in the same place too often therefore when booking our 'end of year" vacations I wanted a place where we can enjoy a "home" away from home. I am happy that we were able to get what we wanted from Villa 5 Estrellas. I was also relieved that the pictures and description of the place were realistically represented on the website. We found everything as seen in the pictures; all transactions were as prompt and as agreed upon. Since we booked for the week between Christmas and New Year, we enjoyed firework display every evening thus takin full advantage of the beautiful view. Having a swimming pool as part of the premises allows for relaxing days or early morning/late evening swim. We were even able to enjoy the NFL games on TV ( a nice surprise)since the place is fully "connected" with cable and WIFI. We enjoyed our stay. The only regret was that the 8 days scheduled were too short.
Cees from Holland wrote at April 11, 2010:
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chanella wrote at April 11, 2010:
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